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About us

My name is Shannon and I began this business as a hobby making relaxing products for my family and I have always had a fascination for candles. Due to being stuck at home during the COVID lockdown I began to feel that the candles I was making began to relax me and assisted in helping to calm the anxiety I was feeling in my daily life and while undertaking year 12. 
The name Soothing Lights appeared to be fitting for the type of products I was making as candles represent a calming flame and the fragrances released are relaxing and soothing.

As someone who suffers from anxiety I noticed that every time I lit a candle I would begin to feel relaxed and at ease with everything I was experiencing. Coming to this realisation made me appreciate just how soothing candles and crystals are for myself and I'm sure for many other people.

I am very proud that I was able to pursue starting my own business having the support of my family constantly being there for me. 
I hope you enjoy the relaxing fragrances and all the care and attention that goes into making quality products for our special customers, for now and the future of Soothing Lights.

Shannon xx

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Candles burn so smoothly, much better than candles from the shops that you’d spend 50 odd dollars on! Certainly will continue to purchase from you!

- Chloe

I use the reed diffusers and candles. I love the look of the candles but most of all I love that when I light them up they leave my home smelling beautifully. The lemongrass, black raspberry and vanilla and vanilla caramel are my favourites. Keep up the good work, your products are amazing. 

- Vanessa

Excellent products, have been using them for such a long time, long lasting candles and beautiful fragrances. Love all products. Great creativity and customer service. Highly recommended.

- Rita 

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